Market growing robustly despite the peaks falling down

Realme in the last year sold about 15 million mobile handsets and is one of the largest market share capturer in the very first year of its inception, the mobile brand which was launched to deal with the online sales model of the competitor Xiaomi’s brand Mi has been faring very well in the Indian market and has made robust gains in the first year of launch and now the parent company plans to make it into s standalone subsidiary and not dependent on other sister brands like Vivo and Oppo which had prompted the inception of realme to control the lower range market segment for mobile phones which the others have opted out of and are competing in the middle range phones which are one of the highest volume grossing models in the segments in the market.

The realme has followed the sales directive of its main rival through online channels while the other subsidiaries and their respective brands have focused on brick and mortar supply chain to be created by value addition on each linkage of the chain thus maintaining a continuous flow of products into the market and spurring the consumption demand by introducing newer models with better specifications at reasonable prices which is the boon of developing technology in the market. Next year the company plans to double it’s sales figures and build a supply chain around that goal so as to provide enough opportunities for the industry as well as supporting structure to develop into a meaningful and profitable ecosystem.