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Now that every other person owns a social media platform, conducting live streaming has become very common. Social Media live streaming is nothing but interacting with your audience in real-time through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and live broadcast. There are various objectives of conducting live streams; some of them are interacting with the audience and increasing brand awareness.

Why should you do live broadcasting on social media?

Spontaneous Feedback:

One of the most prominent advantages of doing live broadcast on YouTube is that such platforms allow users to get instant audience feedback. The attendees use the live comment and like feature to express themselves and put across their points during the live streaming. The users can use this opportunity to respond to them instantaneously and gain the trust of their attendees.

Better Audience Reach:

Under a recent survey, people were asked about their preferences, and as many as 80% of people said they would prefer watching a live video over reading a blog. Also, if you are going live on a social media channel, the platform will automatically put your video on the priority list that would allow more audiences to watch it.

Long-Lasting Connections with Audience:

Live streamings are raw, unfiltered, and unprocessed. They present you to the audience without any edits, just the way you are. And this is what makes live streaming an efficient way to attract the audience. The audience likes to see the real side, and they feel more connected with the users than in the case of pre-recorded streaming.


Another notable advantage of hosting live streaming on social platforms is that they don’t require you to put in much effort. Though one needs to take care of the content they are presenting, live streaming on these platforms doesn’t require doing the absolutely perfect lighting or a setup. So, if you’re planning to do random live streaming, don’t worry about your surroundings; it can be uneven and not-so-tidy.

What are some tips to go live on social media?

Streaming content live on social media sounds compelling and fun, but in reality, it requires the host to take care of a few things that can actually make or break the game for them. Here are a few tips you need to take care of during streaming on these live broadcasting services:

Promote Your Live Stream:

One of the most significant ways to make sure your live streaming reaches the maximum audience is to promote the upcoming event. So even if you’re doing a live event webcasting in Dubai, it will allow the audience to fix their schedules accordingly and attend the streaming. As an organizer, you can also use countdowns on your platform to build the hype about your live streaming.

Consider the Timings:

The sea of social media is vast, and the time you would be going live, there would be millions of others going live simultaneously. Hence, you need to take care of proper timings while doing so. As per the data, the most appropriate time to do a live broadcast on Facebook is between Monday to Friday, at noon, or between 7-9 pm. The time is perfect since most people are free during these tenures.


It is an efficient tip that will help you increase the growth of your brand manifolds. While hosting live streaming on any of the channels, collaborate with famous faces. It will help you attract the audience on your brand page and expand your reach.

Keep it Clear:

You cannot have a fixed audience in live streaming; the audience will come and go. However, as an organizer, repeat the objective of the live stream every time you see a new set of attendees. You can also pin a comment as well as place a logo on your streaming. It will make it easier for people, and they might stay to watch the streaming.

Engage with the Audience:

Probably the most crucial tip you need to follow while streaming your content live is to keep your attendees engaged during the proceeding. Keep interacting with the audience, reply to their comments, respond to their queries, and acknowledge their presence. All these things will make your attendees feel involved and keep them hooked to their screens.

Follow An Agenda:

Plan an agenda before the live streaming and stick to it. Don’t add any irrelevant information to the stream and deliver only necessary content to your audience.


You must have heard it numerous times; practice makes a man perfect. No matter how pro you are at hosting live streams, always practice before going live over any platform. Since there are zero chances of committing mistakes, practicing beforehand will help you be confident and get the hang of the platform.

What are some ideas to make your live streaming interesting?

Here are a few interactive ideas you can incorporate to make your live streaming fun:

  1. Conduct a Q&A session:

Conducting a Q&A session is an interesting way to interact with your audience. Acknowledge their queries and respond to them. It will help you develop a bond between you and your audience. You can ask them to send questions beforehand or you can take questions live directly.

  1. Brief the audience about your expertise:

You can also brief the audience about your work and take them through your journey. Give insights about your projects and share the details with your attendees.

  1. Talk to your audience:

Another simple yet effective way to develop a bond with the audience group is to interact with them. You can also invite them over a live session and talk to them.

  1. Host a Giveaway:

It is a unique idea to increase your audience group. Who doesn’t like to participate in giveaways and try out their luck? Your audience will love it too. Do a live broadcast on Instagram and announce an exciting giveaway for your audience.

We live in a world that is dominated by social media. These days, every other person has his presence on one or the other social media platforms. However, it comes as an excellent opportunity for the brands to grow. We hope you found the ideas shared above insightful, and like these broadcasting streaming services, there are several other platforms you can use. Go live on any of the social media platforms and expand your brand reach exponentially.

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