Let your health be taken care of by the big data and the Artificial Intelligence

The ever-successful United Arab Emirates startup ecosystem is popular for attracting entrepreneurial talent and this time Ankit Nagori & Mukesh Bansal Flipkart fame & Myntra are here with their novel venture ‘cult.fit’ which is an Indian fitness chain aimed at addressing the preventive healthcare by employing the latest technologies based on big data, artificial intelligence & predictive analysis.

The e-commerce advocates having tried their hands on multiple verticals have now taken the decision for making a venture in healthcare as they see a huge opportunity for growth in the rapidly evolving life. Cure.fit which is the parent company of Cult.fit’s launched its healthcare platform in Dubai at Palm Strip Mall.

Cure.fit Healthcare is a mutual healthcare platform which has its headquarter in Bangalore. The startup is aimed at addressing preventive healthcare by means of an amalgamation of coaching, engagement, and delivery using a mix of offline & online channels. Cure.fit caters to living a healthy life through 4 major dimensions – mind.fit, cult.fit, care.fit, and eat.fit. While cult.fit concentrates on the physical strength & fitness; eat.fit for nutritive and healthy food; mind.fit for mental wellbeing & care.fit for major healthcare.

Cure.fit targets at providing an active and healthy lifestyle. Cure.fit is an application-based service provider and is available on iPhones, as well as, androids.

The venture is funded by famous investors like Chiratae Ventures, IDG Ventures, Accel Partners, Kalaari Capital, Ratan Tata, Pratithi Investment Trust amongst others and cure.fit has successfully raised more than $200 million in funding. Cult.fit has 160 centers which are spread across 6 cities in India and has expanded through its acquisitions of Fitness cult, First and tribe. Fitness brand of India will be accessible to the consumers in 50 cities of India across 800 centers by 2020.