Infrastructure projects to be launched earlier

Minister of Infrastructure Alan Tudge has flagged an agreement with the states to quickly track several infrastructure projects as the Morrison government is facing calls for more to help stimulate the economy.

While the country is already in an “infrastructure boom,” he says the government is willing to carry out some projects.

Mr. Tudge will defend the existing rollout of infrastructure in a speech in Brisbane on Tuesday, saying that 85,000 jobs have been created under 130 already approved and under construction infrastructure projects.

He says the government is carrying out the “few Snowy schemes comparable at once.”

“If works can be completed more efficiently, the federal government is willing to put forward funding,” says Mr. Tudge, who is also Minister of Cities and Population.

“We’re speaking to other jurisdictions, including in Queensland, and we’re going to make more announcements soon.

“The amount of work being done right now is often lost on the news, maybe partially because we have launched so many new projects over the past six to twelve months.

“It’s true that in the last six months, 300 of the 900 major projects we have contributed to since we came to office.

“But the operation that the federal government is funding right now is unparalleled.

“Our average spending over the next 10 years is $10bn per year, more than double the investment in the year before we came to office.

Mr. Tudge says the capital works projects under the government’s $100 billion infrastructure plan would also lead to a job boom with the unemployment rate increase last month.

“A big part of this number is the Western Sydney Airport, which alone is 28,000 jobs — jobs that wouldn’t exist if we didn’t decide to get on with the plan and distribute the money.”