How to Open Notepad in Windows 11 : Multiple Methods

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Notepad is an open-source text editor software which is utilized by the majority of Windows users . It is simple and easy to use thanks to its an easy interface. In this post, we have provided a variety of methods for how to launch the application on Windows 11. While doing this Process, if you are facing the problem [pii_email_be5f33dbc1906d2b5336] while this process follow instructions.

Method 1: From Run Dialog box

1) To Open Run dialog box

Use the Win and R keys together on your keyboard.

2.) After that you can use a notepad and press the the Enter key.

This will launch Notepad program on your computer.

Method 2 Utilizing the command Line Tool

Step 1: Open Command Prompt

Press the Win and R keys together on your keyboard.

Enter cmd and press the Enter key.

Step 2. Step 2: Open the command prompt window

Notepad, type in Notepad and press Enter key.

It will open the required application. After that you can shut down your command prompt application.

Note The command is compatible with Windows PowerShell application also.

Method 3: Using Desktop Shortcut to open keypad

Step 1: Open File Explorer

Use the the Win and E keys on the keyboard.

Then, go to the C: drive and double click on the folder named Windows.

Step 2. Step 2: Go to the Windows folder

Search for notepad and Click right on Notepad.

Select Show additional choices in the contextual menu.

Step 3. Step 3: Under the Show more options

Click “Send to” and then choose the Desktop (create shortcut) from the list.

This creates an notepad shortcut on the Desktop.

step 4 Step 4: Double click on the notepadshortcut icon on your desktop.

This will launch Notepad application.

Method 4: From the Start menu

Step 1: Open Start menu

Hit the the Win Key on keyboard.

After that, click on All applications from the menu as in the screenshot below.

Step 2. Step 2: On the list of Apps

Scroll down to the bottom of the list and search for.

Hit NOTE pad as it is shown below.

This will launch the Notepad application for you.

Method 5: From Windows Search

1.) to open Windows Search

Click the search icon in the taskbar, then search for the word Notepad..

2.) After that, click on the Notepad application from the results of the search as shown below.

After that, Note pad application will be installed onto your computer.

Method 6: Using Keyboard Shortcut.

Keyboard shortcuts are most likely the easiest way to launch any application.

Step 1: Go to Desktop

Click right on the notepad Shortcut icon.

After that, click Show additional alternatives in the contextual menu.

Step 2. in the Show More Options list

Choose the Properties from the drop-down menu as in the following screenshot.

Step 3. Step 3: Open the window Properties

Click on the shortcut keys field, then press N key on your keyboard.

This will set Ctrl + Alt +N on the shortcut key.

After that, click to Apply and Accept for closing.

If you wish to launch notepad on your computer, to open the Notepad application, you can do it by pressing CTRL + AL + N keys on the keyboard.

That’s it.

Method 7 Pin to Taskbar/Start menu

1.) 1. Press the the Win Key on keyboard.

2.) 2) Type Notepadand Right click Notepad from the search results.

3.) Then, click Pin on the Start as well as Pin to the taskbar in the contextual menu.

It is now apparent that the notepad icon has been placed on taskbar as well as the start menu, which you can open it by pressing it.

Method 8 Select the “Open with” within the context menu

1.) Right-click on any text document.

2.) Then, select Open by >> Notepad.

The document will be opened by using the Notepad application. Once there, it is possible to open any text file and work with it.

Method 9: From File Explorer

1.) 1. Press Win+E keys on the keyboard.

This will open this window. It opens the File Explorer.

2.) 2. Copy then Paste the URL in your address bar.


Hit the the Enter key.

So, This will launch your Notepad app on your computer.

This is it, guys.

Hope you enjoyed this piece and found it informative.

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