How to Look Good in Wedding Bridal Accessories?

Some people are more concerned about what they wear on their wedding day. They want to look good that day. On the other end of the spectrum, there are some people who do not care what they wear on their special day. If this, is you, then nice for you! However, most people want to look fabulous on their big day so I have come up with a few tips on how to do just that.

First off, let me say that looking great does not mean spending thousands of dollars on couture clothes and luxuries items. Looking your best can be achieved very inexpensively if you know where to shop for deals and use lots of common sense when doing it. So here goes:

Shop during the off season

Why pay top dollar for very expensive wedding clothes when you can get them at drastically discounted rates during the offseason? For example, if you are getting married in late summer or early fall, then chances are good that stores will be offering great deals on winter clothing to make way for their new spring lines. Stores like Tj Maxx and Ross are great places to look for inexpensive designers which is why they carry so many of these items. Other stores like Nordstrom Rack and Saks 5th Ave Outlet may also have some great deals but do not expect designer brands here since these stores mainly cater to people who seek budget-friendly designer wear.

  • Tip: If you go into any store looking for a great deal on a wedding dress, you may be better off going to a regular department store vs. a bridal boutique.

Make your own bouquet from fresh or silk flowers from craft stores

Imitation flowers are not only cheap but they look very real so simply purchase them and turn them into the perfect bouquet for your big day! You can do it yourself at home or bring in an expert florist to help you out. Either way, the result will be fabulous while saving you tons of money in the process.

Purchase footwear that is versatile e.g., wedges for ceremony and flats for reception

This tip may sound ridiculous but it works wonders if you are trying to save money during the wedding planning process. Why? Because there is no need to buy two costly pairs of shoes when one pair will suffice and look good for both the ceremony and reception.

  • Tip: A great place to find stylish wedges is at Payless Shoesource as the selection is outstanding and the prices are very affordable. You can also purchase attractive heels or flats from stores like Target, Gap, Loft, Famous Footwear etc.

DIY hair accessories such as headbands

Why pay a fortune on wedding hairdressers who may or may not do a great job with your hair? If you have long locks then simply secure a piece of faux pearl floral wire at the back of your head using a jewelled bobby pin and voila! You have an instant elegant headband to secure your hair on the top of your head. If you do not know how to make a headband, simply look online for step-by-step videos and tutorials as they are easy to follow and very informative.

  • Tip: Buy materials for hair accessories from craft stores like Michaels which offer great deals on faux pearls, satin ribbon etc.

Braids are still in style so why bother with complicated updos?

Yes! You can use braids or simple twists if you want to avoid complicated updos that cost so much at salons. Use lots of bobby pins and just keep it casual yet fun looking. Trust me; it may take some time but once you find the perfect hairstyle, you will feel like a million bucks while saving good money in the process.

Purchase inexpensive yet beautiful fabric and make your own dress

Yes! You can make your own wedding dress if you know how to sew and have some basic sewing equipment such as a sewing machine, pins, needles etc. If you want to save even more money then do not bother with expensive fabrics but instead, use less expensive cotton fabrics that are easy to find at any craft store or fabric store for example. If possible, buy Wedding Apparel Accessories and start working on your DIY wedding gown well ahead of time so you can alter it accordingly using simple techniques such as darts and other adjustments which will help you achieve a perfect fit without having to visit pricey bridal salons before your big day.

Make your own veil using inexpensive tulle fabric from craft stores

Veils are a very important part of most brides’ wedding outfits so why not make it yourself using affordable yet beautiful tulle fabric? You can look online for easy how-to videos and tutorials which will help you a great deal with this project as they give plenty of helpful tips and techniques that made the entire process much easier than you think.

Invest in a high quality, well fitted dress rather than something cheap that does not fit you properly

This is an absolute no-brainer! All you have to do is purchase a stunning yet well-fitted dress from a reputable designer such as Watters where you know the dress has been constructed using high-quality materials that look great on the hanger and when worn. This dress will last for many years to come so you can also save money in the long run by investing in high quality rather than cheap dresses which tend to be poorly made and may not even fit you properly without alterations or adjustments at your local bridal salon.

Makeup should always match your skin tone so do not purchase something too light or too dark

If you are unsure of what colour makeup to buy, simply visit a makeup counter in stores like Macy’s where highly experienced personnel working there will gladly help you choose the perfect shade that flatters your complexion using subtle techniques that make all the difference! You can then purchase this particular brand online directly from their website if you like the colour and want to make sure you always have it on hand without having to buy it at a store.

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