How Safe Is Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Safe Teeth Whitening

Nothing can instil confidence that a million-dollar smile does! With a dazzling smile to flash on you can brighten up any space and any mood. However, everything you consume like morning tea to evening wine will discolour the teeth. While being left with no option except teeth whitening many start wondering is safe teeth whitening or not! Well let the blog answer your question.

Does teeth whitening hurt the teeth?

For over many decades, teeth whitening method is in use. Thousands of people make use of teeth whitening items for achieving pearly white smile. You can get both effective and safe teeth whitening option at-home and in-clinic applications from registered dentists. However, it does come with certain setbacks. It comprises of effect on dental restorations, tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.

Gum irritation

Carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide are typical active components to use for teeth whitening treatment. Irrespective of the prescribed treatment by the dentist, the treatments comprise of high bleaching agent. In case it comes in contact with the gums you will experience irritation.

However, the dentist ensures additional precautions for protecting the gum tissues. In in-clinic treatment, the dentist will apply protective gel for shielding the gums from coming into exposure of bleaching agent. Also, at-home whitening trays are customizable to fit the teeth snugly without touching the gums. Even if you experience irritation it will subside on its own.

Teeth sensitivity

It is another side effect which you are going to experience after teeth bleaching. Sensitivity takes place because of the inflammation in pulp due to exposing to peroxide at the time of treatment. Certain aspects will influence sensitivity severity because of the peroxide concentration, restoration presence and light intensity use. Although it will resolve on the own yet you can try out:

  • Brushing using sensitive toothpaste
  • Put on the trays or strips for short time
  • Ask the dentist to provide fluoride item for remineralising teeth
  • Stop using whitening process for some days so that teeth can adapt

Dental restorations effects

As per research, whitening treatment can possess adverse effect on the dental restorations. It depends on the material type being used. It occurs if peroxide increases the mercury amount leaching from amalgam. So, you must remain conscious to use the right peroxide concentration relying on age of dental amalgam and application time.

By this way the leaching amount of mercury will remain below so you are less prone to potential health issues. Other materials like implants and crowns are also resistant to peroxide. For any query regarding whitening treatment effects on dental restorations, consult with the dentist to get the most suitable option.

Tips for whitening teeth safely

In case you are curious to achieve white smile then go through these steps for the treatment:

Step-I: Consult with the dentist. By evaluating the dental health they can account any issue ranging from gum diseases to cavities before undergoing whitening treatment. By suggesting the right whitening treatment they will answer your questions.

Step-II: Say no to OTC whitening products. As per NHS, Don’t buy all at-home whitening kits from OTC. They are not so powerful to deliver good results. Moreover, they possess a threat to overall dental health including gums and teeth. Only a dentist can recommend the safest option.

Step-III: Strictly adhere to the instruction of the product and that of the dentist. Every product does come with distinct instruction set for frequency and duration of use. Misuse or overuse of the items can delve you at risk of potential side effects such as sensitivity and gum irritation.

At last to ensure the success and safety of the teeth whitening treatment, you should follow the treatment’s protocol, after care instructions and dentist’s instructions to keep the side effects at bay. You can visit our website to book your appointment for performing a safe teeth whitening by assessing your eligibility.  

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