How can You Fix the Problem of an Overbite with Invisible Braces?

How can You Fix the Problem of an Overbite with Invisible Braces?

An overbite happens when the top jaw and teeth overlap your lower jaw and teeth. The dentists refer overbites as a type of malocclusion which can either be horizontal or vertical. While a vertical overbite occurs when the top teeth overlaps with bottom, a horizontal overbite takes place when your top teeth protrudes over bottom teeth. You can categorize overbite as skeletal or dental. A dental overbite is when your teeth are in wrong position and a skeletal overbite means the jaw causes overbite. You can fix overbite with Invisalign and have straighter teeth.

Causes of overbite

It is unknown why a person develops an overbite and another person does not. Some people have jaw problems while others have either very small or big jaw for the teeth leading to crowding, large spaces or an overbite. As genetics have an important role, when parents require orthodontic treatment for overbite, it is quite possible that children will need treatment for similar problems.

Some overbites occur due to environment than genetics. A child who sucks thumb is at greater risk of pushing the front teeth and bone forward. The top teeth and jaw will grow outwards for adjusting with forward tongue while hand parts might push bone back and bottom teeth. You should encourage your kid to stop thumb sucking from five years so that the teeth and jaw develops properly.

When you pass childhood without an overbite, it might still develop during your teenage or when you are an adult. Biting a pen or chewing nails without any follow up treatment might cause the problem of overbite in future.

Correct overbite by wearing braces

Braces can be very effective for treating the most complicated problems of overbite. Being a part of assessment stage, X-rays may help to know the type of overbite and the relationship between your jaw and teeth. Braces will be attached to the lower and top arches of your teeth.

At the first stage, the arch wire aligns and straightens your teeth. During the second stage, rubber bands or elastics can be used to shift jaw line slowly into their desired position. The bands will be fitted on the brackets from front to back or top to bottom to move teeth and jaw. You can remove braces when eating, drinking brushing, flossing and changing them. It is important to wear braces all the time so that there is constant pressure on your teeth during the treatment. Wearing them on and off might cause your teeth and jaw to ache often.  The final treatment stage is wearing retainer or using permanent wire to keep teeth in their desired place.

Some patients are given the choice of concealed options of ceramic braces or Invisalign aligners for fixing this orthodontic  problem. You need to consult with the orthodontist before deciding on the kind of treatment for your case.

When you should start with Invisalign treatment 

If you suffer from an overbite, the earlier you begin with the orthodontic treatment, the sooner you can overcome the problem. When patient grind their teeth and clench jaw, they are actually causing damage to their teeth. Some overbites can make teeth cleaning really difficult and so, the patient is at greater risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

Suffering from migraines, jaw pain and headaches might impact your daily life. Some patients find that these health problems improve when the braces start moving the teeth into proper place.

Time needed to fix an overbite with the use of braces

A deep overbite is among the longest orthodontic conditions to fix by wearing braces. Patient will possibly suffer from crooked teeth or overcrowding and so, there will be several problems to work on.

Since each case is different, the complex cases might require the time span of at least two years. After you take out the braces, you will have to wear a retainer in order to keep the teeth at the right place.

How braces fix the problem of an overbite

Some adults experience several jaw and skeletal overbite problems that require much more than wearing braces to correct the problem and surgery can help to reposition jaw. The braces together with other treatments like tooth extractions or surgery can help to solve your overbite problem. The orthodontist might refer you to an oral surgeon when he feels so.

Children and teenagers can enjoy the benefit of growing jaw so that the braces can shift teeth into the correct position and so, you may not have to undergo any surgery.

Early treatment of your child includes a palate expander for increasing jaw size in order to adjust crowded teeth in the small jaw. But a larger jaw makes it quite easy for braces to shift teeth in their desired position. You may contact your nearest clinic for Invisalign  treatment in London and straighten teeth to improve your overall appearance.

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