Hospital in Dubai closed for three months

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) proclaimed that it closed down a private hospital in the city for three months for not yielding medical standards and laws.

DHA reaffirmed while Commenting on the closure, that it’d not tolerate any law violations and can take actions against those who don’t work inside the framework of responsible practice.

The DHA discovered that the hospital was closed when a series of inspections and field visits found that the hospital had a variety of recurrent violating practices that damage public health.

Following an investigation, the practice committee at DHA determined to shut the hospital for three months as a preventive live supported the manager Council Resolution No. (32) of 2012 regulation the follow of Medical Professions within the Emirate of Dubai.

The DHA same that hospital desecrated article 12 of the UAE Federal Law No. (4) of 2015concerning private Health Facilities, that stipulates that private health facilities should go with all environmental, safety and health conditions approved by the concerned authorities and also the adoption of the policy of Code of Conduct for health care professionals.

The investigation found that the hospital doesn’t go with the clinical standards and regulations approved by the DHA that have an effect on the extent of services provided to patients in operation rooms and inpatients.

The decision enclosed closing all departments of the hospital, together with in operation rooms, for an amount of three months. Patient clinics can stay open, and whereas the hospital won’t be allowed to accept new patients simply, it’ll be allowed to continue the treatment of existing patients.