Free logo maker DesignEvo with 10000 templates

A logo can be created professionally and individually with the free logo editor DesignEvo in the browser of your choice.

A logo can be created professionally and individually with the free logo editor DesignEvo in the browser of your choice.

Practically every company and association presents itself with a logo and they are also used for private purposes. Of course, a professional logo has its price, and making it yourself requires appropriate specialist knowledge. The DesignEvo logo editor avoids these problems because it costs nothing and offers over 10,000 professional templates that only have to be adapted to your wishes.

Fast logo design for beginners and professionals

Anyone can create a logo that meets professional standards, provided the free logo editor DesignEvo is used. This does not require any knowledge of graphics processing, image processing, or general design. It is made very easy for users to get started and create a great logo because there are tons of templates available that can be customized in just a few steps. But professionals also benefit from DesignEvo. The free logo editor also allows you to create a logo from scratch and still saves a lot of time, and time is always money, especially for professionals.

Some of the highlights of DesignEvo:

  • More than 10,000 templates for logos
  • Millions of symbols and over 100 fonts
  • Completely customizable
  • Easy and free to use the logo editor
  • Output as vector files in SVG and PDF
  • Storage cloud-based

DesignEvo is simply run in the browser, and there is no need to download software for graphic editing or image editing. In addition to over 10,000 templates, the logo editor also offers many fonts and symbols and is fully customizable. The result is high-quality vector files in SVG and PDF formats. It is also possible to further adapt or change the results later. For this purpose, the created logos can be saved in a created account, and this cloud-based storage is also completely free of charge.

Using the DesignEvo logo editor

Using DesignEvo’s logo editor is easy. First of all, of course, the website for the free DesignEvo logo editor is called up. A link on the page labeled »Create a free logo«opens the editor in a new tab or window in the browser. The templates are presented immediately, for which there are lots of categories so that you can quickly start with the right design. If you scroll down, more and more templates are loaded. If you move the mouse over a logo, you can mark it as a favorite, call up a similar template or start the customization in the logo editor.

A new tab or window opens in the browser with the editing area. The selected logo can be seen in large on the right.

Now you can mark an element of the logo with the mouse and, for example, change the given text with a double click. The upper bar allows you to set the font, font size, color, design, etc., as you wish.

The left column also has numerous symbols, shapes, and backgrounds. Almost inexhaustible possibilities, it seems. Below the logo, the resolution can be adjusted, and it can be zoomed. A grid can also be displayed, and what is particularly nice, the layout can be changed. For example, the logo can also be above or below or to the right of the text, which only needs one click.

Once the logo has been created, it can be saved, for which an account must be created. After it has been saved, it can then be further changed or adapted as required. If you don’t want to create an account for DesignEvo, you can still download your logo. Of course, you can do this using the button above with the corresponding designation.

A page then appears with your logo and offers for a standard license and a plus license, which are available for $ 24.99 and $ 49.99, respectively. These are one-time prices, and only with such a license can you get your logo in high resolution as JPG and PNG, and you can also download the logo as PDF and SVG. For the latter option, however, the Plus account is required. If you do not want all of this, you can download the logo created so far via the link above the offers in a low resolution of 300 x 300 pixels without a transparent background. In addition, DesignEvo must be mentioned in its work in this case.

A nice feature on the DesignEvo offer page should not be concealed either. Below the offers, a preview of your logo is shown in various scenarios. You can see the self-created logo on a business card or a T-shirt, for example, and assess the effect so much better.

Final remark

DesignEvo is free but with certain restrictions. Of course, you could invest almost $ 50 for the Plus account in software for graphic design or in a vector program such as Affinity Designer, etc. But then you also have to know what you are doing without knowledge of at least the design basics. A logo quickly looks awkward and unprofessional. And you also have to install software on your computer, although the many templates are of course not included. All of this is not a problem with DesignEvo, and the online logo editor is also very inspiring, which helps a lot if you don’t want to start from scratch.

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