France’s progress with the coronavirus

On Friday, the 24th of January, France confirmed a third occurrence of the coronavirus on its territory. The authorities of the country are on their way to executing a prevention and intervention agenda to cease the spread of what could turn into an epidemic.

On Friday, Agnès Buzyn, the French Health Minister, spoke to reporters and stated how an epidemic has to be treated just like a fire is treated; its source has to be located immediately.

On Friday, the French authorities confirmed the 3rd case of coronavirus. 2 of these 3 cases have originated in Paris, whereas the third has come up in Bordeaux. According to Agnès Buzyn, following the third occurrence, health personnel have had to establish urgent methods as well as an intervention plan to contain the outbreak of the disease as soon as possible in case it becomes an epidemic.

Édouard Philippe, the Prime Minister of France, was set to meet with ministers on Sunday to talk about the ailment. These included Agnès Buzyn, as well as Christophe Castaner, the Interior Minister. The government is considering evacuating its citizens from Wuhan. Wuhan, in China, is the epicenter of the virus.

France was the first nation to witness the virus. The coronavirus has already attacked about 2,000 individuals and led to the death of 56 individuals. Most of these were based in Wuhan. A couple of coronavirus cases have also arisen in Macao, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the U.S., Australia, Canada, Vietnam, Japan, Singapore, Nepal, South Korea, and Malaysia.

When speaking to FRANCE 24, a professor of virology medicine at the Caen University Hospital, Astrid Vabret stated how the authorities of China have adopted measures that have never been put in place before. These include confining many million individuals.

Astrid Vabret insisted that thermal cameras should be installed in the airports throughout France.