France to pull back its citizens from Wuhan, China

On Sunday, the government of France publicized how it intends to remove hundreds of its citizens from Wuhan, the Chinese city which is the epicenter for the newest coronavirus.

The citizens of France who intend to leave Wuhan will take a direct flight to their home country sometime this week. According to the health minister of France, they will then get to stay in quarantine for 2 weeks. The health minister made this announcement following a special govt. meeting put in place to talk about the coronavirus.

France is among the other nations intending to evacuate their citizens from Wuhan, China. The Chinese govt. has placed the city in lockdown to cease the spread of the virus that has resulted in the death of over 50 individuals and managed to affect about 2,000 Chinese citizens.

The Wuhan-based U.S. Consulate publicized how it will remove its citizens as well as its personnel, on Tuesday, via a charter flight.

The hospitals in France are carrying out treatments for 3 confirm coronavirus cases. These are among the very first infections to occur in Europe, of the newest virus. According to officials, more of these are to be expected. The confirmed coronavirus-cases are all in those individuals who that China nationals and recently came back from the country.

Agnes Buzyn, the Health Minister, stated hoe the prime minister requested an establishment of a repatriation through a direct flight France. This was in agreement with the authorities in China.

It is noted how the flight will be accompanied by a special medical group.

On Saturday, PSA, the France-based automaker which develops Peugeot and Citroen cars stated that it was withdrawing its workers along with their families from Wuhan, China, and intending to quarantine them in another city. The company did not give any more details.