First walkabout of the Progress Singapore Party to be held

Singapore’s political landscape has had an addition as Progress Singapore Party has joined it. It is the most recent party to be a part of the political landscape. On the 29th of September, they will have their first walkabout on the weekend. The public has been requested to make an appearance at the event.

Flyers will be handed out to the people attending the walkabout to Singaporeans all around the region. It was said by Tan Cheng Bock, Party founding chief on social media on his facebook page at the 23rd of September.

Dr Tan also added that the concerns of the public will be handled well by the management of the party. The members and participants will make sure that they will talk to the people on an individual level and will make them aware of the PSP.

Their first walkabout was their opportunity to prove their worth to the people. He said that he and the members of the party were anxiously looking forward to meeting the people and tell them about the goals of PSP.

He advised people to stay tuned on the party’s Facebook page for further updates on the schedule and venue of the party that is to be held in case of any last-minute change in plans.

They said that they prioritize people’s safety and protection over the event. So if they need to schedule because of safety precautions they will proceed to do so.

The members were also told by Dr Tan to be updated about the details of the party and keep following the page of the party and its official website. The details of the walkabout will be shared on both of these. And the email was also provided for direct contact.

The updates will also reach them through the chat groups and emails and they should keep up with all the information being shared. On the Tuesday of the last week, more updates were shared with the members and volunteers.

The union of the members is much needed at this time for the saviour of the people and the country.