Fashionable weekend plans. September 11-12

Fashionable weekend plans. September 11-12

Go to the main September exhibitions

We have already talked about the first exhibition of Thomas Demand in Russia in the Garage, Yuri Pimenov’s retrospective. At the New Tretyakov Gallery, the Blazar fair for young artists, and several other events of the season in the art digest – but there are many options for September. This time we will add to the list the upcoming openings at MAMM – an evening of vernissages, where Olga Sviblova will present exhibitions of Sarah Moon, MishMash, Nikita Alekseev, Sergei Shutov and more, will take place tonight.

Sarah Moon and many others at MAMM | from September 10, Ostozhenka, 16

This year, the Multimedia Art Museum celebrates its 25th anniversary and starts the season with a new exhibition of Sarah Moon, showing her work within its walls for the eighth time. “Once, somewhere, but not here …” in MAMM they call the “synopsis” of Moon’s work: the French photographer and video artist present at the exhibition iconic portraits, still lifes, landscapes, and fashion photographs, industrial photographs of recent years and much more. The exposition has been open since September 1. This week others will be added to it: a gala evening at MAMM will also be dedicated to the memory of Nikita Alekseev (Closer to the Meaning will be the first posthumous exhibition of a classic of Russian art), the MishMash group with their new series Over & overworks, early Russian color photography from the 1960s – 1970s, and a list of themes and characters.

Time service. On the nature of duration, overcoming and affect” in “Garage” | September 10 – January 30, Krymsky Val, 9, bldg. 32

In parallel with the exhibition by Thomas Demand, Garage also presented a project on the length of time – with works by more than 30 artists from different generations and countries of Southeast and Central Asia, the Caucasus, Eastern, and Western Europe. The Russian-language title of the exhibition “Time Service” recalls the dramatic dependence on this genuinely non-renewable resource. In contrast, the English crown, Spirit Labor, comes from the film essay of the same name by Adrian Heathfield – the British performance historian and curator analyzes the specifics of the artist’s work and his inherent resistance to higher forces, from time to natural elements. How Elena Kovylina, He Yunchang, Teichin Sieh (his most extended work took 14 years), and other artists work with the theme of duration, see until the end of January.

Continue exploring the most anticipated and already discovered places of the fall.

Italian-Lebanese restaurant Mina Aram Mnatsakanov and neighboring Farang Alexei Pinsky with the cuisine of the Great Silk Road, working with an incessant sold-out “Guidon” – this landing of Bolshoi and Malaya Nikitsky (like the new star of Khamovnikov Hands Asian Bistro ) is already a severe plan to several weekends ahead. The season will bring many more restaurant projects, from William Lamberti’s new Lumicino to London and Lila Restaurant. On Thursday, the long-awaited AVA of Anton Pinsky, Vitaly Istomin, and Artem Losev received the “very first” guests. But those who will be there the other day, from Saturday, will also be “the very first” – the restaurant is just coming out.

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Do not rush anywhere and prefer places loved for a long time to all new products. However, it also makes sense. For example, in Noor Bar, for the first time in seven years, they renewed the look of the cocktail card, dedicating it to the bar’s hits, and supplemented everything with stories by Maxim Seminyak. There are other good options as well.

Stop for brunch – Saturday and Sunday.

Starling x Beloque | September 11-12, 10: 00-16: 00; Malaya Bronnaya, 4

  Come to their brunch to support the project and the team, eat pistachio hummus and cheesecakes with bergamot cream, as well as scrambled beef and bacon scrambled onto brioches and millet porridge with smoked pumpkin mousse. From the “Starling” menu, it is also worth catching “Mimosa,” and pancakes, and Fancy Benedict – this or subsequent time.

KM20 x Krimskytartar | September 12, 13: 00-17: 00; Stoleshnikov per., 2, bldg. 1

Arthur Semkov of Deep Fried Friends, an amateur chef and creator of the fun show “Fed Up,” is hosting a Yoshoku-style Sunday brunch, with Western food reimagined in a Japanese way. The inspiration comes from the Netflix series Midnight Diner where izakaya visitors struck up a conversation based on their love for certain foods. “It’s such a simple pleasure to eat with people whom you see for the first time, but they turn out to be much closer to you thanks to the kitchen,” says Arthur. Deciding to repeat the dishes in KM20, he included:

  • Sando with egg and cod katsu.
  • Fries with miso aioli.
  • Okonomiyaki with shrimp and tuna shavings for two.
  • Egg pudding.

Cocktails will accompany them by Denis Kryazhev.

Taste Fall Cocktails at Butler The Japanese Bar

Sretenka, 24/2, building 1

The founder of Butler The Japanese Bar, the Japanese Yuta Inagaki, previously ran the Butler bar in Tokyo’s Ginza. After moving to Moscow for several months, he held a real Japanese bar on Sretenka, the only one in Russia. Utah recently announced its official opening, and a seasonal update follows: the menu includes autumn cocktails, relevant and at the same time discreet, built into the classic concept that dominates here. White vermouth Inagaki insists on watermelon and, along with orange bitters, lemon, and Japanese soda, serves in the Hands Up aperitif cocktail. It is worth trying Manhattan with nutty notes and Delicious Sour on Calvados with peach liqueur, a recipe not very common in Moscow from 1930 -x, to which Utah decided to return. He prepares snacks in his bar – don’t miss the Japanese dessert Nama Chocolate,

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