Expansions of the presence of WMC in the local market with the launch of the second showroom

On Friday, The international importer & distributor of a vast range of automotive brand of China, Worldwide Motors Company (WMC) released its second showroom in Cambodia.

The latest showroom, situated in the district of Phnom Penh Sen So, is included in the company business strategy of expansion nationwide, inclusive of the third showroom in the Ruol Pongro community which is planned to be launch in the near future as per the statement of the company’s chief.

Chief Executive Officer of Worldwide Motors Company, Penang Man stated that after a decade of having operations in the Kingdom, the company is still able to enjoy the flourishing growth, which he said, has been eased due to the presence of numerous giant Chinese investors in the country.

He said: “Our objective is to further our business by inviting more renowned brands in the future to expand the car industry in Cambodia, to open up several subsidiaries across the country in the coming years.”

“Our goal is to expand our business by bringing more famous brands in the future to grow the car industry in Cambodia, opening multiple affiliates and subsidiaries across the provinces in the following years,” he said.

Mister Man told that one of the biggest challenges that the business faces is a strong competition, but he mentioned that the company knows very well strategies to tackle with that.

The company is now in the pursuit of finding and entering more and more partnerships with Chinese automakers in order to give access to the customers of bigger offers.

More than 6,000 used as well as new cars are imported by Cambodia every month, with the percentage of the new cars reaching up to 15, according to the director general of the GDCE, Kun Nhem.