Dr Fischer’s – success story

success story

Dr Fischer is among Israel’s largest and best-known brands, and there is undoubtedly no house that doesn’t have one of the medical care products of the organisation. The company’s founder, Dr Eli Fischer, recently sat with The Jerusalem Post to discuss the family business ‘ achievement and the industry’s health advancements.

Healthcare was always a feature of my family. My grandfather, my father, and perhaps even my uncle were doctors, so perhaps I became interested in medicine as a result of what I witnessed at home. I always wanted to create organic kibbutz remedies. I decided to invest in my studies: I graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with two Master’s degrees: a Master’s degree in Biochemistry and a Master’s degree in Microbiology. At about the same time, at the School of Pharmacy, I was an assisting at the Department of Herbal Medicine at the school.

I was welcomed to Harvard in the US as I completed my education, where I was a biochemistry teaching fellow. I served there with Prof. George Wald, who was awarded a Nobel Prize for relating vitamin A to retinal activity.

I enrolled in pharmacy colleges in San Francisco. I developed a glaucoma treatment as part of my studies, which was sold worldwide. ⠀

After coming to Israel, I worked in a company called Assia for a year in charge of drug development. Now it’s Teva. Also, I wanted to be part of the industry and create my drugs so with the help of my wife I developed skin and eye drugs in a rented building.

The idea was to sell drugs to drug factories to make and distribute them, and I would get the royalties so that I could continue developing drugs. So met many doctors and pharmacists for 2 years.Later he was in a situation to And then I brought another pharmacist, another salesman, and so on, slowly. nearly a thousand people working at Dr Fischer today, and over the years, in addition to skin treatments like polydine and anti-lice products, I have developed nearly 40 eye treatments. Furthermore, we are exporting to 30 countries and shipping four containers daily, except on Shabbat.

my secret of success is hard work. No drastic turning point was there, it was one step at a time. About 15 years after we opened the plant on March 8, 1965, we launched the Ultrasol sunblock. We launched the Kamil Blue Baby Products series before that.

The anti-ageing term is horrific because every item claims to be anti-ageing and usually has nothing to do with it. We name it: the Age Security Program of APS. It’s a whole system that works together. Ageing occurs in a non-optimal manner when one of the thousands of biochemical processes that occur in the body. For all mechanisms to exist, the body needs raw materials such as vitamins and minerals. It is sufficient that if one of the thousands of processes that occur in the body does not occur efficiently then ageing takes place. Ageing essentially starts as an infant from age zero–you have to make sure that the kid doesn’t eat too much, avoid the sun, no passive smoking, and take healthy food.

It won’t grow or die properly If you don’t give the baby that. You should stop cigarettes even at an adult age, more workout and make sure that all the nutrients your body needs are put into the food you eat. Therefore, the skin has to be shielded from the sun because when you’re young you won’t see the damage; it just shows when you grow. Ultrasol should be added to the skin all the time because the DNA is gradually damaged. Our DNA breaks down slowly until you eventually see it outwardly as well as in the skin’s inner layers.