Double Door Fridge - 2 Door Frost Free Refrigerators in India

Double Door Fridge – 2 Door Frost Free Refrigerators in India

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Today, people buy food items in larger quantities due to their hectic lifestyle to avoid daily shopping. But if they do not have a fridge with significant features, keeping the food fresh for a
few days is a real challenge. When you consider buying a fridge, then you surely look for user-friendliness, more space, and energy-saving features.

A double door refrigerator with a frost-free feature allows you to have much more space than a normal refrigerator, is cost-friendly and defrosts the fridge automatically whenever required.

Why are double door fridges preferred more?

Double door refrigerators have two doors to separate the fridge and the freezer compartments. This separation keeps the frozen food and refrigerated food separated and fresh. Double door
fridges thus make your refrigerator a fresh-food friendly appliance. The two-door fridge is ideal for a small family of three to four members as it has sufficient storage space and cooling
capacity, which means your food can be kept fresh for a longer duration.

Godrej double door fridge is one of the most preferred choices of consumers nowadays. Advanced fridges are well equipped with frost-free technology that defrosts the refrigerator without the need to remove
ice manually.

The characteristic features of frost-free refrigerators

Frost-free refrigerators enhance the freshness of the food items stored, and at the same time, deliver substantial power savings. Frost-free fridges, as the name suggests, do not require manual defrosting. A small element is provided inside the fridge that melts down the accumulated ice. This complete process is carried out without interfering with the fridge’s natural cooling cycle, which keeps your food fresh.

The frost-free feature was invented for fridges to address the problems instigated by the thick frost layers developed inside the
conventional freezers.

This advanced feature allows your fridge to work efficiently without any requirement for manual defrosting, adding to the convenience. The frost-free fridges are indeed lifesavers for busy families having a hectic lifestyle.

Top-rated refrigerator models you can choose from

Samsung 244L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT28T3522DU/HL)

The Samsung 244L double door fridge has a frost-free feature and is the perfect choice for a small family (2-3 people) having a capacity of 244 litres. It is the world’s first frost-free refrigerator that has been provided with a separate section for making curd. This feature eliminates the hassle of making curd in different weather conditions.

Samsung equips its refrigerators with digital inverter compressors that automatically adjust the speed depending on the cooling capacity required, providing more efficiency, creating less noise, and facilitating long-lasting performance.

The smart cooling features provide all-around cooling, which cools all the compartments evenly. This feature keeps a continuous check on temperatures and releases cool air evenly,
keeping food fresh for longer durations.

This feature-rich fridge has been provided with voltage protection functions with a stabilizer-free operation; this protects the fridge from power fluctuations. Along with these advanced features, it has in-built frost-free technology to
keep your food items fresh.

Furthermore, the model has a host of features like power cool, movable ice maker, and door alarm. Bring home this new Samsung Double Door Refrigerator at just Rs. 27,195 by securing your purchase from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store.

Godrej 350L Double Door Refrigerator (RT EONVIBE 366B 25 HCF SL MD)

This Godrej double door fridge has frost-free features and is the best option for a family of 3-4 members. The big storage capacity of around 350 litres with large vegetable baskets and removable bins allows you to store all your food items. This Godrej double door fridge has inbuilt cold shower technology that maintains superior cooling. The stay-cool technology of the Godrej double door fridge delivers cooling retention for more than 10 hours so that your food items always remain fresh.

This model is equipped with toughened glass shelves and a
built-in air vent to provide all-around cooling. The middle shelf of this refrigerator is fitted with removable bins to store essential items. Anti-B technology from the house of Godrej keeps your food items fresh and germ-free for longer durations.

Additionally, this advanced refrigerator comes with a ten-year warranty on the compressor and can be bought at a discounted price of Rs. 39,480 from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store.

LG 260L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (GL-N292BDSY)

This LG fridge, with a capacity of 260 litres, is the best choice for a double-door refrigerator with sufficient storage space with frost-free technology for a household with 5 members. The
fridge body is made of high-grade aluminium steel and is provided with shelves made of toughened glass to increase its durability.

LG refrigerators sport a smart diagnosis feature that diagnoses the issues easily and helps in easy troubleshooting. This fridge is also provided with auto smart connect functions, using which whenever a power interruption happens, you can easily connect the fridge to your inverter. This advanced model has a multi airflow cooling sense that helps to distribute the cooling capacity throughout the refrigerator for a satisfying experience.

You can get an LG double door refrigerator model at an eye-catching price of just Rs. 21,571 from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store.

Haier 258L Frost Free Double Door (HRF-2783BS-E)

This Haier double door 258 L refrigerator comes with the swift convertible feature that helps you to increase your storage capacity by converting the freezer into a fridge as per your
requirement. Furthermore, it uses turbo icing technology so that you can make ice in only 49 minutes.

Haier fridges are equipped with a twin energy-saving mode that saves around 15 % energy in one mode and 30 % in the other, eventually cutting down your electricity expenses.

Additionally, this refrigerator has anti-fungal gasket technology that prevents the growth of fungi inside the fridge. You can buy this power-packed refrigerator that comes with a ten-year
warranty on the compressor from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store at just Rs. 22,439.

Whirlpool 265L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (NEO DF278 PRM)

This Whirlpool refrigerator flaunts a sophisticated design that combines an abstract design and an efficient double-door refrigerator to provide an advantageous masterpiece. This
Whirlpool fridge has a fresh flow air tower feature that filters out any harmful bacteria from the refrigerator and ensures fresh air flow inside the appliance.

The Freshonizer function allows the stored foods to be kept fresh by reducing the oxidation process. Additionally, the Micro block technology of this fridge makes it cleaner by killing the microbes and maintaining a germ-free environment.

You can purchase any of these refrigerator models, along with a host of other models from top brands at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. Use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to purchase your
favourite model on No Cost EMI.

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