Disruptive Technologies striking it big in 2020

Drone Deliveries:

2020 will be the year when drone deliveries takes shape literally with LiDAR and Imagery sharing information with Drone deliveries. US commences operations with deliveries taking flight in the U.S. Amazon has other plans to take commercial drone deliveries into reality by 2020.    The company will see the drone technology come to fruition in time to deliver packages through the air to customers in the following months. The drone will come of age in this hexagonal design that takes on 2 modes; one as a helicopter and the other as an airplane structure. Safety being paramount here, the drone uses shrouds to protect its blades as wings thus making them an air-worthy design. FedEx, Ups and Alphabets wing are the ones to watch out for in this outing.

Intelligent Voice Search:

With the advent of ALEXA, SIRI and GOOGLE ECHO, voice assistants will be up for grabs when the market will get flooded with more voice enabled devices, more so with companies that will integrate the voice enabled ultra-tech gadgets into their consumer driven platforms. Voice search will make eCommerce transactions more lucid with businesses across the spectrum adopting this technology. Amazon is going all-out to leverage this technology in smart homes.

Social Shopping:

Online shopping will get a boost when social media tools such as Instagram, Twitter and the likes will cater to the growing clientele. Facebook has admitted that 70% of shopping aficionados rely on Instagram for product discovery. Thus social media tools will become increasingly known as a sales platform that can be leveraged for entrusting an immersive social shopping experience.