Development of URV by NTT and MLB

With the collaboration of a Japanese firm, NTT, and Major league Baseball, it has been made possible to feel like one of the players and playing in the field without actually being there. Watching the video, the fans would feel like they are at the game.

For the sole purpose of giving baseball fans a real experience, the organizations are demanding the firm’s advanced technology, called URV (Ultra Reality Viewing). This technology combines the result of many high-quality camera images and then displays a super-wide image and has the ability to synchronize the video to any location. This is aN enjoyable yet real experience for the fans of the game.

The details of this haven’t been revealed yet because they are still in the planning process and have not yet completed working on it.

NTT will be given honourable titles and high positions as long as it’s under the pact with Major League Baseball. It’s the first Japanese firm to do a partnership with MLB officially in America. It will be the partner of MLB for URV (Ultra Reality Viewing) and it’s going to be a major sponsor.

MLB expressed its gratitude to NTT for joining them. It said that it was honoured that NTT participated in their efforts for the baseball fans. Robert Manfred Jr. the MLB commissioner said that he expected great results from this partnership and that they will experiment with new techniques and ways to produce better technologies. The technologies will surely prove to be very useful.

Jun Sawada, the president of the company NTT said that the company believes to progress forward with the motivation of producing more advanced technology like URV (Ultra Reality Viewing). Technology like this can bring sports to life through screens and be entertaining just like the real sport.