Degree in physical activity and sports sciences

Scientific knowledge is increasingly showing that regulated and regular physical activity, as well as the acquisition of movement and functional habits are the most effective and socially beneficial means of achieving a better and healthier quality of life.  This fact, together with the fact that modern societies are lengthening and that there is more time and resources for leisure, has significantly increased the need for physical activity and sports professionals at every successive stage of a person’s life.

Also the growing importance of the sporting phenomenon

Both at school level and in federal, amateur and high-level sports, their importance and social impact, as well as their economic consequences, call for the training of professionals with diverse professional profiles who create emerging and innovative activities, such as sport. Activities

In the study of physical activity and sports sciences, you will receive the necessary training in the basics and functions of a person’s movement skills, training, the psychological, social and mechanical aspects of physical exercise, and the application of new technologies in 스포츠중계.  From the third year onwards, you can study and thus specialize in the following mentions or routes: driving and entertaining in physical and sporting activities, physical activity for health and well-being, and sports training.

And you will not leave the faculty without putting the acquired knowledge into practice.

In the fourth year, you enter compulsory traineeships (associations, sports clubs, foundations, public authorities, educational centers, etc.) to deepen into one of four areas: training, administration, initiative and sport.

To obtain this degree, special physical tests must be taken, which show the basic level of movement skills and previous experience, as well as continuous training that ensures the correct completion of the sports exercises required to acquire the skills described in the degree.

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