Curtains Tips That Will Help You When Buying New Curtains

Curtains Tips That Will Help You When Buying New Curtains

When choosing new curtains, it can be difficult to know what looks good. The following tips will help you choose the right curtains for your home. First, consider the purpose of your rooms. Bedrooms are typically more informal than dining rooms, so you may want to purchase long panels to create a romantic look. Nursery rooms are also a popular choice for long, flowing curtains, and a little puddling is always a beautiful sight.

Must ensure that length of curtains is perfectly fit

The length of curtains should be 16 inches, with an extra eight inches for gathering. The width should be doubled or tripled, depending on the size of the window. You should also double the width of them to allow for pleating. This is a great way to make sure that your drapes will hang properly. You can also steam them to help them hang faster. This is another tip to ensure that the length of your curtains is the perfect fit.

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Measure the length of your window and the height of your curtain rod. The length should be 16 inches or more, and should extend eight inches past the window. The height of your curtains should be equal to the height of the windows. If you want to create a minimalist look, match the drapes with your walls. Or, you can create an accent look by choosing a pair of matching accent curtains.

Tips for Buying Curtains

Once you have the measurements, you can purchase the curtains and hang them accordingly. Once you have the correct length and width, you can shop confidently for the perfect drapes. Just remember to allow five to 10 inches extra to accommodate the rod. When you have all of these tips, you can buy them with confidence and make the best decision for your home.

Measure the length of your curtains. You should allow at least eight inches of extra space for the rod and the curtain. The height and width of your curtains should also be at least three inches longer than the width of your windows. Do not forget to double the width of them when buying new curtains. This will ensure that your curtains will hang correctly. The length of your curtains will depend on how wide your window rod is.

Width of window in correct selection of curtains

Measure your windows. The length of your curtains is just as important as the height of the wall. You can adjust the length of the curtains by sliding them and moving the curtain rod if necessary. If you have an arch window, choose a window treatment that matches the other decorations in the room. If your windows are small, then you can opt for a curtain that is half the width of your window.

When choosing your curtains, you must also consider the width of your window. The width of your window should be at least six to 12 inches wider than the height of the window. The wider your curtain, the more full it will be. To ensure that your curtains hang properly, multiply the length by 1.5. In the end, you will have a well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing window treatment.

Right Pole is necessary

Measure the length of the curtain rod. When choosing a curtain rod, make sure that it is at least six to twelve inches wider than the window. This will not only add visual interest to the window but will also provide you with more flexibility when moving them. The most common types of rods are adjustable. You should also choose the same material for your pole and holders. Purchasing the right pole is essential.


Measure the length of your window. This measurement can vary from the bottom of the window to the floor. The finished width should be at least two to three times the width of your window. If you have a 72-inch-wide window, you will want to purchase two panels. This will give you the maximum width of your window and will still look full. This is also an important consideration when choosing the length of your window.

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