Cubic Motion, a Leader in Computer Vision and Facial Animation technology, to be Acquired by Epic Games:


  • Cubic Motion received a funding for $22 million in 2019
  • Both Epic Games and Cubic Motions are strongly in favor of the merger

Epic Games has on Thursday announced that it will be acquiring Cubic Motion. According to the company website for Cubic Motion it was looking forward to the new partnership and, ‘Together, we’ll push the boundaries of digital human technology, bringing ever more realism and immersive content to all forms of visual entertainment.’

Cubic Motion’s face mapping technology has been recently used in creating world class games like Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man and Sony Entertainment’s God of War.

Tim Sweeny, the founder of Epic Games, in a statement said, “Digital humans are not only the next frontier of content creation, but also the most complex endeavor in computer graphics. With Cubic Motion bringing their computer vision and animation technology and expertise to our digital human efforts, Epic along with our team at 3Lateral are one step closer to democratizing these capabilities for creators everywhere.”

The startup Cubic Motion recently raised a funding of $22 million from the investment group NorthEdge Capital, however, the terms and conditions of the deal are not known to the public.

Epic Games in 2019 had also bought another facial animation technology company, 3Lateral. As gaming companies realize that realistic gaming characters that resemble actual human emotions and features are preferred by consumers, more of such mergers are likely to take place in future.