Cruise Industry Proposes Travel Restrictions For Passengers Over 70

Due to rapid outbreak of coronavirus, the cruise industry has submitted a proposal to the White House in which it plans to impose restrictions on travelers over the age of 70. Restrictions have also been planned for people with chronic medical conditions.

The new proposal would allow people above 70 from boarding the ship only if they can provide a written consent from a doctor. Cruise officials waiting for a response from the White House. Earlier this week, the US State Department urged Americans not to travel on cruise ships.

The cruise industry has taken this step as many passengers on two cruise ships namely Diamond Princess and Grand Princess suffered the coronavirus infection. Adam Goldstein, CEO of the Cruise Line International Association and former Vice Chairman of Royal Caribbean, said that the industry submitted the proposal following Vice President Mike Pence’s request to beef up containment measures. His statement is as follows:

“We had 72 hours in which to respond, which we were able to do yesterday in time. We feel like we have been responsive on prevention, on detection, and on care for guests on cruise ships, and we believe that we’ve now elevated our ability to manage any situation that would arise and that people should feel comfortable to cruise with us. Either elderly travelers or travelers with serious chronic underlying health conditions are the most vulnerable segment of the population, and we need to take that into account.” 

According to the data from the Cruise Line International Association, the average age of passengers on cruises is 47 with just 14% passengers being 70 or older. The cruise industry is already struggling to get more passengers as many people despite fond of travelling prefer to stay at home. Data from SunTrust Robinson Humphrey says that cruise bookings plunged by 35% last week, compared to the same time a year ago.