Corona: Cadbury Melts as Staff Temperatures go under Scanner


  • The testing is going on at Cadbury’s Bourneville unit and other key location
  • The temperature of the staff is being checked as a precautionary measure against coronavirus.

Mondelez International has rolled up its sleeves to fight the deadly coronavirus as it is taking precautions in advance for any possibility of coronavirus infection. The staff members are under a temperature scan, as it is a health and safety measure by the owners which will work in favour of their health and the company operations as well. The staff members of the manufacturing department at the Bourneville factory were tested. It is located at Birmingham UK. This process will be followed and constantly monitored by the Mondelez authorities at its key sites all over Europe.

The Bourneville staff shop was closed down for all external visitors as the company does not want its business to get affected due to the virus. Such precautions have been taken by various other companies in and around Europe. Cadbury being a huge brand in the food sector cannot afford to take any chances as the deadly outbreak of coronavirus has resulted in many deaths across Europe. In addition, its commercial interests could suffer a huge impact as smooth production ensures a balanced demand and supply equation, resulting in commercial benefits.

Many social events have either been postponed or cancelled to curb the further spread of the virus or as a precautionary measure. The Homebuilding and Renovating show which was to be held at the NEC between 26 and 29 March has been postponed. It was supposed to be a big event. Many companies think that prevention is better than cure as they are leaving no stone unturned to take all necessary precautions against the coronavirus, all over Europe.