Congress of World Energy to take place in UAE on ‘power for prosperity’

The World power Council, whose chairman is Daesung Group, would run the conduction from the day of Monday till Thursday of the Congress of World Energy that is going to be the twenty-fourth one and would take place in Abu Dhabi this time that is a place in the United Arab Emirates and has the theme that says “power for Prosperity.”

Approximately the strength of people is estimated to be around fifteen thousand from the sector of energy that is there to represent countries estimated to be over one hundred and fifty and are also expected to be there at the event that is the Congress of World Energy. They cover representatives of world power industries and organizations that are working internationally, academics, government heads and the officials of the energy department that are highly ranked around the world.

There would be approximately around three hundred influencers who will speak and also panelists, that include Salman Saud, who is the crown prince and also the vice prime minister of the country called Saudi Arabia, Novak, who is the energy minister of the Federation in Russia, and Brouillette, who happens to be the vice secretary of the United States Energy’s Department, in accordance with the council.

Other people who are participating in this event  include very significant decision-makers who belong to the organizations working internationally and also dealing with power and  — just as  the United Nations, also the World Bank, the International Agency of  Renewable Energy, the International Agency of   Energy  plus  the Organization that is concerned with exporting of petroleum in different countries and many other significant industries and companies that are related to or could be of any use in playing part in the happening of this event.