Coffee addicts wake up and smell the coffee

A new research found out that regular coffee drinkers or coffee addicts can wake up to literally smelling even the smallest amounts of coffee. In comparison to the non-coffee drinkers, they are also much quicker when it comes to identifying the coffee aroma. This is not just because they are habitual or regular coffee drinkers, but also because their cravings for this beverage magnifies their ability to smell it.

A study proved that coffee addicts are more sensitive to the smell of coffee. And, the results could lead to the possibility of potential new ways of using aversion therapy to treat people addicted to substances which have a distinct smell, such as tobacco and cannabis which is also known as marijuana.

Researchers have known for some time that drug cues such as, the smell of alcohol, etc. can trigger cravings in users/ consumers. Thus, craving might be linked to an increased ability to detect that substance.

Lorenzo Stafford, from the University of Portsmouth, said that “Caffeine is the most widely consumed psychoactive drug and these findings suggest that changes in the ability to detect smells could be a useful index of drug dependency.”

The team aimed at determining if there were any differences in the ability of people to smell and respond to the smell of coffee, depending on whether or not they were heavy coffee drinkers.

The results firmly linked that with heavy coffee drinkers being more sensitive to the smell of coffee, and the smell being linked to their cravings.