Climate change talks extend on the notion of decision towards carbon-neutral Europe

Climate change

The climate change talks under the heading COP25 were shifted to Madrid, Spain after a lot of protest in Chile against the incumbent government and who was to know that the drama will continue in Madrid as well for the climate change talks extended their timespan for a quick resolution plan against the climate change and its effects on the world as a holistic picture. Technology will be playing an important part if the resolution has to be brought to action and for that excessive amount of funding needs to be poured for research and development f capacities for renewable energy and the scope of future sources of energy needs to be secured away from the vaults of fossil fuel and derived products which are highly responsible for increasing the carbon footprint of the world when the times have started stating that the survival is in imminent threat if this problem is left to metastasize on its own self.

Last week the European Commission for research and development issues grants and funds allocation at the tune of about Euro 600 Million to the researchers and their projects which were aimed to target the problem of climate change and develop sustainable sources of mitigating the task and devising new routes to reach the target of advancement and at the same point of time respect the environment and clean it up before it’s too late to turn back and face the consequences of technology that we so proudly say define the development curve of mankind.