North Korea expected to have its 2nd Pyongyang Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference.

According to the news revealed by event organizers from the Korean Friendship Association (KFA), North Korea is expected to have its 2nd Pyongyang Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference by February 2020 as part... Read more »

Cash defies the crypto in the high-tech industry of Japan

The cashless exchanges pioneer, Japan is currently slacking the world’s greatest economies in the grasp of electronic installments in light of the fact that the majority of the populace still favors physical... Read more »

Virtual Reality tech is used to elevate the awareness level in Japan

Increasingly practical pictures of heavy downpour fiascos through computer-generated experience (VR) and other innovation are being created by recently created gadgets, in an offer to pass on the earnestness of the risk.... Read more »

Digital technology could significantly change healthcare

Computerized innovation is so inseparably woven into our social texture that the vast majority of us think that it’s difficult to recall life in the pre-advanced period. It is the thing that... Read more »

Technology could allow a trade collaboration which would break deadlock of the Brexit

Boris Johnson, favored to turn into Britain’s new head administrator, said on Sunday the nation could achieve an unhindered commerce arrangement to leave the European Union that would evacuate the requirement for... Read more »

Public sector of Singapore adapts latest means for security tightening

Singapore’s administration organizations will reveal a few new “specialized measures” for existing and new frameworks, including robotized identification of messages containing touchy information and more grounded encryption for documents. These are a... Read more »

Specifications of the Sony Xperia 20 leak

Sony Xperia 20 that is rumoured to be the next Japanese electronics middle ranged smartphone, has had its specifications leaked on the internet. The leaked specifications claim that the smart phone has... Read more »

Technology experts in Japan holding back on trade with South Korea could harm both of them  

  Japan’s Ministry of Trade, Economy, and Industry announced earlier in this week that it will be tightening the restrictions of its export of high technology materials to South Korea. This has... Read more »

The Du of United Arab Emirates does the 1st 5G call in the region

Occurring at du’s central command in Al Salam Tower, Dubai, the video call was made utilizing the telco’s business 4G and 5G Non-independent (NSA) organize, IMS Core, and 5G cell phones. By... Read more »