Scientists have found The Source of CFC-11 Emissions

According to new research, since 2013, emissions of a prohibited chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) have risen annually by almost 8,000 tons somewhere from eastern China. It was reported last year that emissions of CFC-11,... Read more »

Biomedical expert believes that the Next industrial revolution shall be regarding life

The co-author of the book Super Cells: Building with Biology, and the CEO of EpiBone, Nina Tandon says that every single cell in our body has some voltage across it, and the... Read more »

Japan intends to limit foreign ownership in high-tech areas

The government of Japan, on Monday, states that high-technology businesses will be included in the list of Japanese firms where foreign ownership has been limited. To be in effect from the 1st... Read more »

Former Executive at IHH will be replacing the current CEO once he steps down in December

On Monday, during an Exchange filing in Singapore, the healthcare group, IHH announced that the Chief Executive Officer and the managing director of IHH HEALTHCARE, Mr. Tan See Leng shall be stepping... Read more »

Following the limited effect of trade war, China will be widening financial sector, says regulator

Guo Shuqing (Insurance regulator and head of banking) states that Beijing does not plan to bring about the devaluation of yuan so as to raise exports. Also states that in the future,... Read more »

6 retired personal honored by Averett

On this year’s annual staff, faculty and retiree luncheon, Averett University honored six retirees. » Sue Davis, while working with Averett, was assigned as a director of teacher education and an assistant... Read more »

James Marape elected as new Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea has delegated another head administrator after a prolonged period of political change. Administrators casted a ballot overwhelmingly to choose James Marape, a previous fund serve, who surrendered in April... Read more »

Netanyahu fails to form coalition in Israel election

Israel officials have casted a ballot to break down parliament after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu neglected to frame an alliance government. The vote set off a new race, which will be hung... Read more »

“Charging Trump was not an option,” says US Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Special Counsel Robert Mueller said on Wednesday that accusing Donald Trump of a wrong doing of block was impossible on account of Justice Department approach not to prosecute a sitting president. “Under... Read more »