For protection & preservation of the World’s Oceans, Ocean Conservancy forms a partnership with Red Lobster

One of the most renowned and world’s largest seafood restaurant, Red Lobster, made an announcement today that it has partnered up with the leading nonprofit organization of ocean conservation, Ocean Conservancy, in... Read more »

Environment Agency appointed ‘Jacobs’ for providing proficient & expert services in the National Capital Program

To provide proficient and expert services, Environment Agency has appointed Jacobs for the new Collaborative Delivery Framework (CDF) for 2 out of the six delivery hubs in the regions across England, both... Read more »

Protection of High seas can be made possible by ‘global treaty’

Scientists are showing great concerns regarding the future of high seas that are the areas of ocean that lie outside the national waters and cover roughly two-fifths of the Earth’s surface. These... Read more »