Electricity being generated using a Plutonium Derivative

When talking about plutonium, what usually comes to mind are bombs and radioactivity, but recently a group of scientists added something positive to that list, electricity. As reported online by The Engineer,... Read more »

Electricity drawn from Americium, which could prove useful as a power source for a ‘space battery’

The UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) and University of Leicester have generated usable electricity from the chemical element americium in what it believes to be a global first. The achievement is seen... Read more »

Dubai is going to construct the largest concentrated solar power plant in the world

Concentrated solar power solves the problem of how to store electricityin ways that solar pannels cannot. A Saudi power company will soon begin construction on the world’s largest concentrated solar plant. Situated in the... Read more »

Georgia Power latest news

More than 60 percent of the coal ash Georgia Power produces is recycled Georgia Power continues to make progress towards the closure of seven ash ponds at Plant Yates with the dewatering... Read more »

Enormous milestone has been achieved by India as nuclear fuel complex discovers 1 mil fuel bundles for nuclear reactors

As an enormous accomplishment for India, their NFC, Nuclear fuel complex, which is a unit of atomic energy’s department, the Indian government produced approximately a million PHWR, Pressurized heavyweight reactors, which fuel... Read more »

Gunvor, an energy trader considers asset sales after facing the 1st annual loss

Gunvor Group, which is an energy trader, is seriously considering selling the firm’s non-core assets as well as looking for a tactical partner for firm’s refinery in Germany as they attempt a... Read more »