Agrochemicals Fueling

Agrochemicals Fueling the MEA Sector of Specialty Chemicals

The increase in consumption of several types of agrochemicals that owes to the advancement of practices in agriculture has been expected to fuel the growth of the sector of specialty chemicals in... Read more »

Korean Scientists prove that Silicon and perovskites stick together

Ulsan Institute of Science and Technology researchers have brought to light a different method of fabricating the perovskite-on-silicon tandem devices by making use of a transparent conductive adhesive for combining the two... Read more »

A new discovery by scientists revealed that a new state of matter can exist as solid & liquid simultaneously

90 percent of us are well familiar with the famous three states of matter called liquid, gas, and solid. However, according to new research, a new state of matter has been discovered... Read more »

Unique Interface and Unexpected Behavior Help Explain How Heavy Metals Act

Three different kinds of water molecules wrap around platinum-based ion and offer insights for waste material processing and refining of metal. Refining platinum (Pt), plutonium (Pu) or some other particular metals mostly... Read more »