Premium brands rice replaced by the ‘High-yield rice’

“High return rice,” cultivation, is a moderate elective that can be reaped in bigger amounts than premium brands, is developing as Japan attempts to counter the ascent in fixing costs testing eatery... Read more »

Prices of the Whale meal reach their heights at the onset of Japanese Hunt

After Japan decided to allow its whalers to resume with the procedures of commercial whaling this week, the chunks  of whale meat that was caught initially has been auctioned at ‘’celebration prices”... Read more »

Gut bacteria could be key to producing tastier cow’s milk

It’s not just good breeding and tasty grass that make a dairy cow a champion milk producer. It’s also the microbes that live in the animal’s gut. Now, researchers say they know... Read more »

Deliveroo signs an exclusive collaboration deal in MENA

COFE App, the online coffee-centric marketplace app, announced Saturday that it has signed an exclusive partnership with Deliveroo to offer its customers a better, seamless experience and faster delivery services by utilizing Deliveroo’s advanced logistics capabilities. The agreement... Read more »