Frost & Sullivan names Tata Communications, Asia-Pacific Managed Unified Communications Service Provider of the Year

On the 14th of November, Tata Communications was recognized as the Asia-Pacific Managed Unified Communications Service Provider of the Year at the Frost & Sullivan Asia-Pacific Best Practices Awards banquet, held at... Read more »

Arlan Hamilton award for taking care of expenses for students from burdened foundations

Arlan Hamilton, the author of Backstage Capital, which has some expertise in supporting new companies by ignored gatherings, is to give more than £200,000 to build up the reserve and pay the... Read more »


Every one of the organizations run based on request and supply. Where there are more requests, the stock increments, and Vice Versa. Due to expanding interest for lightweight development materials for strength... Read more »
high speed ag-tyres

Award for high speed ag-tyres has been rated at up to 62mph

A silver decoration for Innovation has been granted to the Alliance 398 MPT tire, which implies that rural trucks adjusting any semblance of join reapers can work in fields, yet besides, be... Read more »

A mega event of Dubai expo 2020 opens numerous opportunities for investment for the UAE economy

With a year to go till expo 2020 Dubai, because the event’s Official Banking Partner, Emirates NBD joins the country in anticipation and excitement as we tend to prepare in earnest for... Read more »

NASA may ask SpaceX to extend the duration of Crew Dragon test flight

NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley might pay longer on the International artificial satellite than originally planned after they ride SpaceX’s new human-rated Dragon artificial satellite into orbit on it’s initial... Read more »
technology used for business

Technologies for translation completely changing the business

Both businesses and travelers are quickly accepting pocket translators into their routine. The devices are more competent relative to any call-in translation facility. Moreover, they are more feasible for use in business... Read more »
nuclear reactor project

Agreement given for the nuclear reactor project

Mun Mi-ock, being the first vice minister of Korea signed a memorandum. Saudia Arabia’s King also signed that memorandum. This happened at a conference in Vienna which was called the International Atomic... Read more »

How to stay healthy and active in the old age?

On the off chance that Singaporeans hope to live to 100, would they be able to even now bear to resign in their 60s? The inquiry was presented by Mr Wilf Blackburn,... Read more »