Blueberries Medical Corporation listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “1OA”

Blueberries Medical Corporation, which is the top-most Colombian certified manufacturer of medicinal cannabis and other cannabis oriented goods, the firm reported earlier this day that the ordinary shares of the firm will now be listed under the ticker symbol 10A in the FSE, FSE refers to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The common shares of the Blueberries Medical Corporation are already listed in the Canadian Stock Exchange as well as on the OTC that actively works in the United States.

In the words of the active in charge and Chief Executive Officer at Blueberries Medical Corporation, Mr. Camilo Villalba “Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is an important milestone for Blueberries, consistent with our global strategy which includes exports to the European market,” He further went on to say: “It will allow us to broaden our shareholder base to include more investors based in Europe as cannabis markets continue to expand globally.”

Listing in the Frankfurt stock exchange would allow the firms to benefit in numerous ways. From being able to attract more shareholders and potential investors, the firm would also be able to target a more extensive market.

The medical corp. is a highly recognized Colombian creator of all sorts of top notch quality cannabis that is grown using natural process. This cannabis oriented firm has their main operations situated in the strategically beneficial area of the Bogotá Savannah in the central Colombia. The firm is run by a group of specialized young people who possess the expertise in the agriculture, extraction, genetics, pharmacology as well as in the marketing industry. The Blueberries Medical Corporation has the complete license to cultivate, manufacture, domestically distribute, as well as internationally export the hemp, CBD based products, along with the HC-based remedial cannabis. The Blueberries corporation’ combines the top notch expertise in the field of science along with the, cultivating benefits and the delivery preparations situated strategically for the firm to be the foremost supplier of naturally-grown and processed cannabis, oil, and other related products across the globe.