Aurora Cannabis Acquires Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation

Acquisition is a very normal and huge step in the business sector in terms of growth. It directly affects the business in terms of finances, clients and market share. With the pharmaceutical industry being led by a few major companies, competitions gets almost impossible for smaller businesses.

However, the case was not the same for Aurora Cannabis Inc, which has fought its way up towards the big league. Aurora has showed great delivery of product and customer satisfaction which has led to it being a leading company in its area.

Another step towards greatness, Aurora moved forward to acquire Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation. This acquisition was focused on having a wider spectrum for their products; expanding cannabis to Marijuana too. The acquisition of the company included all-share transaction according to an amalgamation agreement.

Aurora focused on this acquisition due to its benefits, growing in the marijuana business. They will be able to expand to a broader audience. Through completing the EU GMP, Aurora will be able to push Whistlers products to a global market.

Furthermore, Whistler has already reached an excess of 30% in the EBITDA margins (2015). It is expected to increase this number by 50% if they continue to work with their pace under Aurora’s hand. Whistler is also certified by the FVOPA which certifies them to spread their marijuana legally towards global ground. With the EU GMP, they will be able to expand to Europe.

Whistler consist of a strong brand name, which will add more cash flow to aurora. They are known for commercializing over 30 flower species and obtain different type of products from these plants. Through all the stated facts, Aurora decided to acquire the company in hopes to growing and taking over a larger market share.