An announcement by OWC about their Re-launch of OWC Radio during the NAB Show

The eminent zero emissions PC & Mac Technology Company; OWC, made an announcement today during the NAB show about their re-launch of OWC Radio with the creative Club podcast of OWC. The show will be presented by Crinia Catania who is a filmmaker and technology maven. Live Recordings from the show will be made from a booth and will be posted on the Facebook page of OWC as well as on the

The major guests reserved for the appearance during the live NAB show week are Justin Henderson, Barton Damer, Andy Cochrane, Ryan Connolly, Scott McLeslie, Mike Winkleman and the producer Todd Fisher.

The CEO and Founder of OWC, Larry O’Connor stated: “A reboot of OWC RADiO is something that we have been discussing with Cirina for quite some time now. When we talked about the opportunity to make it happen during the NAB Show, with the Creative Club, it was just so obvious that this is a perfect time, because that space is all about ideas, innovations, creations. So for OWC to be able to facilitate these creative exchanges and stories, we had to jump in, and we can’t wait to see where this goes!”

Cirina Catania further added on: “I am absolutely thrilled to be hosting OWC RADiO. The “Creative Club” podcast at the NAB Show is a fun and unique addition to the convention this year. This debut of our ongoing podcast, which will continue into the future, is a tribute to all creatives using technology to make wonderful works, whether they be actors, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, artists, or the clever people who put it all together behind the scenes. I’m excited to get this off the ground and be a part of this new and exciting conversation.”