Alcoholism Is Directly Connected To Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety is a very common term in our modern society. It is when a person is unable to deal with social aspects or understand social transactions due to anxiety. It is considered as a psychological problem and might lead to depression in extreme cases.

Patients usually try to solve the problem through extreme measures including Alcohol. This is definitely not recommended and might lead to a drinking problem further on or any worse events. A research addressing this point, published in Depression and Anxiety, has shown that alcoholism is directly related to social anxiety more than any other anxiety disorders.

Researchers studied alcoholism associated with many different of disorders including social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia, and phobias through. The study targeted a total of 2,801 adult twins based in Norway.

Through all the stated disorders, social anxiety showed the biggest connection with alcoholism; even compared to other similar anxiety disorders. The numbers were huge, where people with social anxiety were more viable to have a drinking problem or might develop one.

As bad and harmful as this might sound, it still indicates that solving social anxiety disorders can definitely help people get over alcohol and prevent alcoholism.

The author of the study, Dr. Faten Ask Torvik, which is a Norwegian researcher in the Norwegian Institution of Public Health was quotes stating “Many individuals with social anxiety are not in treatment. This means that we have an underutilized potential, not only for reducing the burden of social anxiety, but also for preventing alcohol problems.”