‘Air Taxis’ are aiming to increase safety to compete with commercial airlines

The new startup by air taxis ‘Volocopter’ will have an extraordinary and unparalleled level of safety. The company aims to initiate test flights in Singapore by the end of this year.

Yesterday, Florian Reuter, the chief executive of the company, gave a guarantee that even if a single component of the airplane fails, Volocopter machine will still be capable of completing the mission and arriving at the destined location. He said that it would be possible because of a design which has various components that run without interdepending on each other.

At the exhibition held at the Changi Exhibition Center, Reuter stated: “In order to be operating these vehicles in cities around the world, we need to be as safe as commercial airlines. That is the safety level that has been set for this vehicle.”

He further added: “We are going to work with Volocopter on the safety aspects to ensure that even flying over water, it wouldn’t pose a public or even aviation risk. The landing spot will be somewhere in the southern part of Singapore.”

Reuter told that while many identify the machines of Volocopter for their potential to work without crew or staff, these Air Taxis will take a flight with a pilot in the beginning since this would be much easier for getting the approval of the government. He stated: “Yes, the Volocopter can also be operated autonomously in the long run. However, we believe we would make it much easier for certification agencies across the world if we start out with a certified pilot. So expect Volocopter services to have a certified fully licensed pilot initially, takes the pilot out”.

“Helicopters today are very useful, but they are not used very much because of these constraints: safety and noise. Volocopter addresses these constraints and, therefore, we believe we have a completely new mode of transportation available now, and will also be very valuable for certain applications in Singapore,” Mister Reuter said.