5 Steps How to do SEO Research.

5 Steps How to do SEO Research.

We’re in an era where intent searches are more important to us than pure traffic.

As search engines strive to better understand the user, we need to be equally savvy, which means that we need to know a lot about our customers.

In addition, we need to consider voice search and how it will affect our traffic and, ultimately, conversions.

SEO, which is a huge part of digital marketing is responsible for this. Start by typing or pasting something into this box, then pressing the enter key.

The amount of traffic and sales you obtain from Google is influenced by four things.

  • The target audience.What are the most common buying scenarios for your potential clients, how many requests and how often they enter, what tasks they want to solve, and how many requests and how often they enter?
  • What method does Google use to determine how it crawls, indexes, and ranks sites at any given time, as well as which acts it punishes and rewards?
  • Your competitors. How long has their site existed and how much it has already been pumped with links, traffic from other sites, how good is their team, strategy and resources, whether they are connecting other traffic sources (for example, branded offline and online advertising) to improve their search positions.
  • You yourself. How much better than your competitors do you know how Google works and the needs of your target audience, how long your site has been around, how good your team, strategy and resources are.

When you need an SEO audit

  1. Before starting the site.

It is at the time of creating a site that you set its structure, page addresses, links, meta tags and other important elements. Auditing a site before publishing it will help you avoid mistakes that can slow down its growth in search visibility.

  1. Before buying and selling a website.

If you are selling a website, then it is important for you to bring it into a presentation. If you buy, then it is important for you to evaluate all its vulnerabilities and errors that can lead to problems in the future. Spending time on a thorough audit is more expeditious the larger the transaction value.

  1. Before and after site migration.

The process of migrating a website is considerably more difficult than the process of launching it. This is one of the most hazardous procedures, as the site might quickly lose its ranking owing to technological issues. It’s vital to audit both the old and new versions of the site at the same time. At the same time, you must ensure that the link weight and content are transferred correctly. Use our website move checklist to avoid the most common mistakes during migration.

  1. After making big changes to the site.

Modifications that affect more than 20% of pages or the most valuable pages in terms of traffic and conversions are referred to as major changes. Modifying URLs, changing the site’s design, adding new scripts and styles, changing internal linking, deleting and adding pages, and adding new language versions of the site are all examples of such modifications.

All of these scenarios include the danger that you will not notice the issues that the Google bot and visitors will encounter when accessing the new version of the site at first glance.

  1. To regularly search for problems

Even if you work with the site carefully, making tiny modifications on a regular basis, the amount of issues might build up over time and stifle your progress. Broken links, redirection, the emergence of duplicates and low-value pages, and request cannibalization are the most common causes of difficulties.

Therefore, it is important to set yourself a rule to conduct an audit once a month, quarter, six months, a year, depending on your dynamics of work on the site. The manual version, on the other hand, is rapidly becoming obsolete. Some tools can check your site once a month, once a week, or once a day and notify you when they identify technical faults.


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