360 Quote Acquired by Osceola Capital

Financial institutions comes with different sizes and markets. Different companies target different levels of the society, in hopes to solve all banking issues in our planet. This is why Osceola Capital Management, LLC, is trying to move forward to provide the best banking experience to its clients.

Osceola focuses on the lower middle class market. The foundation of its work is private equity on businesses’ services. Lately, Osceola has announced their success in acquiring 360 Quote, LLC. 360 Quote targets the insurance market by working on website which generates leads. Different major websites are included in 360 quote cycle, allowing automatic insurance policies planning and preparing (including CarInsurance and AutoInsurance).

The acquisition by Osceola was based on their approach towards digital markets and clients. They were interested in the opportunities that would rise with 360 quote; which includes their latest acquisition of four add-ons in the insurance industry.

The managing partner of Osceola, explained how they needed to expand on the digital platforms, to reach different market segments. The use of digital banking has increased and we need to cope with the change in the eco-system. He also showed the market stance of 360 Quote on the digital platforms and the different insurance websites that they acquire, which will be the start of Osceola ascent in the digital field.

“We are excited about the opportunities for organic and M&A growth with 360 Quote. We believe the digital marketing channel within the insurance space has strong growth potential and that 360 Quote’s business model and core team are highly scalable.”

Osceola is expected to rise in the lead generation market due to the partnership in hand. They possess massive macro factors which affects their insurance and digital banking segments.