21 Helicopters Grounded by CAA due to Safety Issues with Rolls Royce engines


  • CAA grounded 21 helicopters over safety concerns with Rolls Royce Engines
  • Affected engines found in Indonesia, Australia and Papua New Guinea

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) officials investigation through monitoring and inspection visits to an organization that conducts and maintains the overhauling and repairs of Rolls Royce/Allison 250 series turbine engines, revealed the instructions for maintaining the Rolls Royce engines, affected the airworthiness of the engines negatively. The issue is a result of grinding and drilling work that was done in an unauthorized manner affecting safety-critical components within the engine compressor section.

Rolls Royce engines of the 250 series were fitted to Hughes 500 series and Bell Jet Ranger helicopters but also had some other applications. Such defective engines were found in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Australia. The CAA is working closely with the engine manufacturer Rolls Royce and the maintenance organization to find a solution so that all affected engines return to an airworthy state, while trying to reduce the effects on the aviation sector. The maintenance organization, Oceania Aviation is providing total cooperation in this matter according to its chief executive, Nick Mair as Oceania Aviation also has a reputation and goodwill to maintain in terms of its clients and customers.

Oceania Aviation abides by all the compliance and safety measures. It is one of the top priorities of the Company. As it is dealing with this Rolls Royce engines issue, seriously and cooperating towards finding the root cause. The CAA is conducting a detailed analysis of all of the engine maintenance practices with context to the maintenance organization. Further safety action will be taken as and when necessary in the due course of time.